Sign-On Letter: Reproductive Freedom in Poland

Poland's limited reproductive freedom is in jeopardy. Two proposed bills in the Sejm (Parliament's lower house) would essentially ban abortion, criminalize certain miscarriages, imprison women who

Supporting the Do No Harm Act

In 1993 the U.S. Federal Government enacted the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Over the last 23 years the original RFRA led to many states passing

Sign-On Letter: For Orlando

Anti-LGBT violence must end. Though we may have recently been granted a brief reprieve through a series of hard-earned victories in marriage and military service, the

Sign-On Letter: Thank You Colombia

In April, Colombia became the fourth country in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage. Last year, the Inspector General requested that the Constitutional Court invalidate

New Advocacy Letter: To Russian Orthodoxy

An Open Letter To The Russian Orthodoxy Should the Russian Orthodoxy serve as the spiritual guide for the people? Our good friend Ivan Mikhailov certainly

Sign-On Letter: Texas Reproductive Freedom

The Secular Policy Institute stands firm in its commitment to promote reproductive freedom and oppose faith-based resistance. Reproductive freedom is a hard-won and rarely secure victory of civil rights. In the

Sign-On Letter: Refugee Advocacy in the U.N.

The Secular Policy Institute and Atheist Alliance International call on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the United States to intervene and begin asylum proceedings for

Sign-On Letter: Tennessee - Unethical Barriers

Tennessee's recent passing of legislation that allows mental health counselors and therapists to refuse to treat patients based on religious objections or personal beliefs has

Sign-On Letter: Humanism in U.K. Schools

According to the Pew Research Forum, at least 38.9 percent of people in the United Kingdom lack a religious affiliation. Yet, there have been various

Sign-On Letter: In Support of Transgender Acceptance

Representative Mike Honda's (D-CA) resolution "Expressing Support for Supporting Transgender Acceptance" brings awareness of the millions of fellow Americans who are marginalized and endangered because

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