Tennessee’s recent passing of legislation that allows mental health counselors and therapists to refuse to treat patients based on religious objections or personal beliefs has garnered strong reactions from the public. Critics say it could result in discrimination against individuals seeking counseling, such as LGBT┬ápeople. For what the ACLU calls unethical barriers to accessing cares for almost unlimited reasons, the law would also permit those with ÔÇ£sincerely held religious beliefsÔÇØ against warfare the ability to refuse service to PTSD-suffering veterans. The American Counseling Association also called the legislation an “unprecedented attack on the counseling profession”.┬áSeeing his position on similar legislation, we ask Governor Haslam to reverse his position on the Counseling and Therapy amendment, to resist it, and to lead the charge for its repeal.┬á


The deadline to sign on is Tuesday, June 7, 2016; just email Edwina Rogers at┬áedwina@secularpolicyinstitute.net with┬áyour organization’s name.

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