Proposed Projects

    CEMB Ex-Muslim Women’s Project

    The Ex-Muslim Women's Project will defend ex-Muslim women in need of support and a voice. It will highlight their plight and help to regularise women speaking up and being seen and heard in the public arena.

    Guatemala Library Project

    Build a secular humanist library and community center on the outskirts of Guatemala City, where it is needed the most.

    Critical Thinking Research Library

    The Foundation for Critical Thinking was founded 35 years ago as the world's first center on critical thinking. In that time we have privately gathered nearly 10,000 books on critical thinking, by far the world's most extensive collected on the subject. We seek funds to catalog our collection, find them a home in a public library, and establish travel grants for academics wishing to visit.

    Capacity Building for the Foundation for Critical Thinking

    The Foundation for Critical Thinking was established in 1980 as the first center on critical thinking in the world. We seek a capacity building grant to make more effective use of the time of senior staff, connect us better to our followers through a newsletter and social media, and lay the groundwork for less overtime by our founders and the continuation of the foundation after their retirement.

    Critical Thinking Conference Scholarships

    Critical thinking is vital to human success, and many educators want to attend our annual July conference, the International Conference on Critical Thinking and Educational Reform in Berkeley, California, and our August conference, the International Fellows Academy on Critical Thinking. We seek scholarship funding to help them with travel and conference admission costs.

    Atheist Asylum Program

    When we help Middle Eastern atheists to seek asylum in the West, we also help the secular movement. We need passionate activists who have lived under theocracies, and we need "poster children" with headline-making life stories about prejudice against nonbelievers.

    The World’s Most Effective Promotion of Critical Thinking

    Promotion of critical thinking as an explicit subject to be taught from K-12 to college is the highest leverage we have to guide society towards reason and science.

    Humanist Service Corps

    Humanist Service Corps (HSC) is run by Foundation Beyond Belief to be a humanist version of the Peace Corps.

    Humanist Disaster Recovery

    Secularists should have a role alongside religious groups that offer disaster aid.

    Secular Project Plan Competition

    Secular leaders need training to write truly world class project plans that get funded and make a difference. What's a fun and media savvy way to bring that to them?

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