Our┬áFellows are the heart of the Secular Policy Institute. They are distinguished scientists and scholars dedicated to the idea that policymaking should be┬áinformed by scientific evidence. They represent the world’s leading thinkers,┬áas gauged by:

1. Scientific and scholarly standing, measured by research and peer-reviewed journal publications
2. Peer recognition, measured by reputation and by national and international awards
3. Standing in their field, measured by membership on journal boards, grant panels, and honorary associations
4. Institutional affiliation, as measured by institutional rankings by the National Research Council
5. Highest degrees in their respective fields (e.g., Ph.D., MD, JD)
6. Prestige and visibility, measured by their number of keynote lectures, book chapters, etc.

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Amatzia Baram Middle Eastern History, University of Haifa
Gregory Benford Astrophysics & Science Fiction
Thure Cerling Geophysics & Isotopes
Elliot Cohen Applied Ethics, Mass Media, & Philosophical Counseling
Christopher DiCarlo Bioethics & Cognitive Evolution
A. C. Grayling
Silvian Ionescu Romanian Politics, Global Democracy & Environmental Policy
Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi Middle East, Islam, Terrorism Expert
Peter Karl Jonason
Mark Juergensmeyer
John Joseph Kisakye Environmental Science, Parasitology
Marty Klein
Patrik Lindenfors Zoology & Cultural Evolution
Elizabeth Loftus Cognitive Psychology, Human Memory
Elham Manea Zoology & Cultural Evolution
John McWhorter Linguistics & Race Relations
Holger Mey Technology, National Security
Ian Morris Archeology, History, & the Evolution of Values
Taslima Nasrin Poet, Columnist, Novelist
John Allen Paulos Mathematics of Irreligion
Kevin Perrott Aging Interventions
Donald Prothero Climate and Geological Sciences
Sarbagh Salih Kurdistan Botanical Foundation
Michael Semple Terrorism and the Middle East
David S. Wilson Evolution


Our Advocates are distinguished public figures who connecting secular ideas to media, government, and other global decision-makers. They represent the worldÔÇÖs leading thinkers, as measured by their ideas, their following, and their prestige in the community of ideas.┬áAdvocates are intellectual thought leaders who may be authors, podcasters or other Internet giants, film or television celebrities, journalists, scientists, noted businesspeople, senior politicans or government officials, or academics who are not professors.

Learn about benefits to being an SPI Advocate and how to apply.

Jeremiah Camara Filmmaker, Author, Video Blogger
Steve Hill Comedian, Activist
Kato Mukasa Economist, Lawyer, Director of Humanism and Youth Support, Uganda
Christine Shellska Creationist Rhetoric, Sociology of Science
Kim Sj├Âstr├Âm Politician, Genealogical Research

Advisory Board

Aaron Bishop Frederick Douglas Humanist Group
Robin Elisabeth Cornwell Evolutionary Psychology
Douglas Kinney Veteran, Pilot, Dentist
Jerry Lieberman Evolution Institute
David Tamayo Hispanic American Freethinkers
Ayanna Watson Black Atheists of America
John Whiteside United Church of Bacon


Jason Frye CEO
Edwina Rogers President
Hugo Estrella Latin America Regional Director
Abdullahi Lawal West Africa Regional Director