How to Avoid Armageddon: The Secular Policy Institute World Policy Guide 2016

Experts say the future is ours (if we donÔÇÖt destroy it first) Washington, DCÔÇöFrom global warming to international terrorism, we all have fears about the

Protect Education in Argentina

NGOs Call for Global Separation of Church and State Washington, DCÔÇöLast week, the Secular Policy Institute (SPI), a think-tank and advocacy organization, readied another in

Help Save the Lives of the ÔÇ£Nigerian NineÔÇØ

DC NGO Meets with President Muhammadu Buhari to Reverse Death Sentences Washington, DCÔÇöThis past weekend, the top Intelligence Officer in Nigeria informed the Secular Policy

American ÔÇ£NonesÔÇØ Have a New Guide

International Think-Tank Releases Resource for Secular People and Politicians Washington, DCÔÇöThe ÔÇ£NonesÔÇØÔÇöthose who claim no religious affiliation in the pollsÔÇöare growing strong in number in

Protecting Freedom and Dignity from ÔÇ£Technology of OppressionÔÇØ

Dr. Elliot D. Cohen Calls for Critical Thinking in Mass, ÔÇ£WarrantlessÔÇØ Surveillance New York, NYÔÇöEthical questions are multiplying in tandem with the continuous boom of

New Philosophy Blog ÔÇ£CogitoÔÇØ Welcomes SPI Fellow Dr. Russell Blackford

Newcastle, NSW, AustraliaÔÇöThis month, The Conversation, an independent source of news from the academic and research community, launched the real-world multi-author Philosophy blog ÔÇ£CogitoÔÇØ. This

A Right-Minded Think-Tank at the Conservative Political Action Committee

Washington, DCÔÇöThis week, from Wednesday-Saturday (February 25th-28th), the Secular Policy Institute (SPI) will have a prominent booth at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC). David

SPI Federal Income Tax Exemption

We are glad to inform you that the Department of the Treasury has determined that the Secular Policy Institute is exempt from Federal Income Tax

Top Scholars Form ÔÇ£Secular Policy InstituteÔÇØ A Think-Tank to Promote Separation of Church and State

Washington, DCÔÇöAt last, many of the worldÔÇÖs most highly regarded thinkers will work together to compile and disseminate the latest research in support of a