Without even asking we got a testimonial on our April 2 international coordinating phone call. We should gather some more!

The language on the website about close collaboration between SPI and your people is true. ItÔÇÖs honest. Johnny and the folks at SPI will walk you through really turning your project proposal into something that can be presented to potential supporters and volunteers and to your audience.

-Conor, Foundation Beyond Belief

Secular Doesn’t Mean Attacking Religion

We built the world’s largest secular coalition of 300 worldwide members in less than two months. Joining the coalition is free and comes with no obligation, though we hope you’ll take an active role.

Secularists don’t attack religion. We have many churches and organizations with people of faith in our coalition who support at least one of our goals:

  • Separation of Church and State. Religious conviction and authority are not trump cards that should claim to speak for all people or demand the final say in public discourse.
  • End to Discrimination Based on Belief and Nonbelief. No one should be harassed or ostracized for their religious beliefs, or for not having a religion. We seek to normalize the role of those who do not believe in God in society.
  • More Science in Decision-Making. We promote rational thinking, using scientific evidence to establish facts, when governments or communities make shared decisions.

These are values that thousands of groups can get behind! Where we agree, we are stronger together. The bigger we are, the more attention we get from government, business, and other major decision-makers. The bigger we are, the more likely we are to be recognized as an important voter block, a genuine point of view, and a segment of society that deserves a seat at the table.

Our chief executive, Edwina Rogers, previously ran the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative. With 1,200 groups, they are now the leading national coalition dedicated to advancing the patient-centered medical home. Let’s turn the secular movement into a force for progress, too.


Coalition Benefits

There is no cost and no obligation, but the benefits are many:

How to Join

To join the coalition, get access to benefits, and join the secret coalition leaders email list, contact Aaron at aaron@secularpolicyinstitute.net.