• Monthly Global Conference Call on the Future of the Secular Movement

    Join the Secular Policy Institute’s international coordinating call! It’s a conference call of all the coalition leader groups from around the world, planning the global future of the secular movement. Calls are the first Thursday of each month at 12pm Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5). To be invited, have your group join SPI, the world’s largest coalition of secular groups, or contact us to join the call as a VIP individual.

    Major Global Secular Events

    Are you holding a regional, national, or international event? We’d like to list it! Email Johnny at johnny@secularpolicyinstitute.net.

    WASHconOctober Lynchburg, VA, USALocalUSWashington Area Secular Humanists

    Event Month Next Date Next Location Size Country Notes
    Religious Freedom Day January All Over International January 16. Community rallying, not a conference.
    World Atheist Conference January January 6-7, 2016 All Over International India Atheist Centre, India
    Freethinkers Day/Thomas Paine Day January 2016 All Over Community International January 29. Community rallying, not a conference.
    Freethought Blogs Con (FtBCon) January 2016 online International US Online conference. No physical meeting.
    University of Humanistic Studies Conference January 2016 International The Netherlands
    International Conference: Atheist Centre January 2016 International India
    Secular Summit (Ohio) February February 10, 2016 Columbus, OH Local US Center for Inquiry, Ohio
    Southern California Secular Humanist Conference February 2016 Local US Humanist Association of San Diego. California
    Darwin Day February 2016 All Over Community International February 12. Community rallying, not a conference.
    Freethought Cruise February February 5-8, 2016 Port Canaveral, Florida to the Bahama Local US A ship cruise! Florida Humanist Association
    Darwin on the Palouse February February 6, 2016 Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington Local US Idaho, Washington
    Budapesti Szkeptikus Konferencia February 2016 National Hungary
    Secular Conference February 2016 National UK
    Texas Secular Convention February 2016 Austin, Texas Regional USA
    HuJews Conclave March 2016 Detroit, MI International US Society for Humanistic Judaism
    Reason in the Rock March 2016 Little Rock, AR Local US Arkansas
    SashaCon (Skeptics, Atheists, Secular Humanists & Agnostics) March 2016 Columbia, MO Local US Missouri
    AHS Convention March 2016 London National UK National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies (AHS)
    ThinkCon March 2016 National UK During the Cambridge Science Festival
    Days of Atheism March 2016 Warsaw, Poland National Poland Poland
    Science and Rationalists Association of India Conference March 2016 National India
    Il Valore Dei Fatti (The value of facts) March 2016 National Italy
    SCA Lobby Day and Summit April 2016 Washington, DC National US Secular Coalition for America. DC
    ReasonFest April 2016 Local US SOMA. Kansas
    American Atheists National Convention April 2016 Memphis, TN National US American Atheists
    Astonish the World. Tell the Simple Truth: A Humanist Vision of Health & Happiness, Sustainability & Peace April 2016 Washington, DC Local US Humanist Chaplaincy at American University
    Atheist & Secular Oklahomans Day April 2016 Oklahoma City, OK Regional US Atheist Community of Tulsa
    National Ask an Atheist Day April 2016 All Over Community US April 17. Community rallying, not a conference.
    Perspectives on Death and Dying Symposium: Dying Without Deity April 2016 New York City National US The Institute for Science and Human Values
    Freethought Festival April 2016 National US
    Rationalist International Conference April April 23-24, 2016 Tallinn, Estonia International US
    Christopher Hitchens Day April 2016 All Over Community International April 13. Community rallying, not a conference.
    Reason on the Bayou April 2016 Local US Louisiana
    Skeptech April 2016 Local US Minnesota
    Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS) April 2016 New York, NY Local US New York
    Northwest Arkansas LogiCon April 2016 Local US Arkansas
    RavenCon Skeptic Track April 2016 Richmond, VA Local US Maryland. Series of nonbelief panels / activities at a fantasy / gaming convention
    QED (Question.Explore.Discover) April 2016 Manchester, UK National UK Manchester
    ReAsonCon April 2016 Hickory, NC Local US Hickory Humanist Alliance
    Foundation Beyond Belief: Week of Action May 2016 All Over National US Foundation Beyond Belief. Community rallying, not a conference.
    Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference May 2016 Local US Freethought Alliance. California
    Skeptics Conference May 2016 Los Angeles, CA International US Skeptic Society
    AAI North American Convention May 2016 International US Atheist Alliance International
    A Conference Called Wonder May 2016 Atlanta, GA International USA Sunday Assembly
    IBKA International Atheist Convention May 2016 Cologne, Germany International Germany Internationaler Bund der Konfessionslosen und Atheisten
    PatasCon May 2016 Pasig City, Philippines National Phillipines Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society
    Women in Secularism May 2016 National US Center for Inquiry
    International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) General Assembly May May 22, 2016 Malta International International International Humanist and Ethical Union
    SkepKon May 2016 Frankfurt, Germany International Germany
    LogiCON May 2016 Local Canada Edmonton
    Kentucky Freethought Convention May 2016 Lexington, KY Local US Kentucky
    Balticon Skeptic / Science Track May 2016 Baltimore, MD Local US Maryland. Series of science panels / activities at a fantasy / gaming convention
    SkeptiCal May 2016 Local US California
    Freedom From Religion Foundation Raleigh Regional Convention May 2016 Local US North Carolina
    American Humanist Association Annual Conference May 2016 Denver, CO National US
    Future of Ethical Societies Conference May 2016 Washington, DC National US DC
    Flag Down May 2016 Local US Florida
    American Ethical Union Assembly June 2016 Stamford, CT National US
    Reason for Change June 2016 Buffalo, NY International US Center for Inquiry
    Atheist Pride Day June 2016 Community International June 6. Community rallying, not a conference.
    World Humanist Day June June 21, 2016 Community International June 21. Community rallying, not a conference.
    Unitarian Universalist General Assembly June 2016 Portland, OR International US Some UU groups are secular.
    Secular Student Alliance Annual Conference June 2016 Sacramento, CA National US
    FreeOK ÔÇô the Oklahoma Freethought Convention June 2016 Tulsa, OK Local US Oklahoma Freethought and Humanism. Oklahoma
    Imagine No Religion June 2016 Richmond, BC, Canada National Canada
    British Humanist Association Annual Conference June 2016 Bristol, UK National UK
    Reason Rally 2016 June June 4, 2016 Washington, DC National US Reason Rally, Washington, DC
    Center for Inquiry Leadership Conference July 2016 Amherst, NY, USA National US Center for Inquiry
    Foundation Beyond Belief Conference (FBBCON) July 2016 Boston, MA, USA National US Foundation Beyond Belief
    The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM) July 2016 Las Vegas, NV, USA National US James Randi Educational Foundation
    SkepchickCON July 2016 Minneapolis, MN, USA Local US Minneapolis. Series of nonbelief panels / activities at a fantasy / gaming convention
    Secular Student Alliance Annual Conference ÔÇô East July 2016 Columbus, OH National US
    American Atheists Holds Regional Conference in Puerto Rico August Puerto Rico International Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
    International Conference on Critical Thinking and Educational Reform July 2016 Berkeley, CA International US Foundation for Critical Thinking
    World Humanist Congress August International UK Every 3 years.
    The Skeptics Toolbox August 2016 Eugene, OR, USA Local US Oregon
    Colorado Secular Conference August 2016 Local US Colorado
    The Non-Conference August 2016 Kitchener, ON National Canada One day, Lawrence Krauss and others
    Heartland Humanist Conference August Omaha, Nebraska Local US OMAHA (Omaha Metro Area Humanist Association)
    IncreduCon August Local US Wisconsin
    Skeptrack at DragonCon September Atlanta, GA, USA National US Georgia. Series of nonbelief panels / activities at a fantasy / gaming convention
    Skeptics on the Fringe August August 8 National UK Edinburgh. Series of nonbelief events at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
    Denkfest September  Zurich, Switzerland International Switzerland
    Kritisk Masse (Critical Mass) September International Norway Norway
    European Skeptics Congress September London, UK International Europe
    Carolinas Secular Conference September  Charlotte, NC Local US South Carolina
    PATAS September Meetup September Philippines National PH September Meeting
    Pennsylvania State Atheist / Humanist Conference September Harrisburg, PA, USA Local US Pennsylvania
    Zeteticon September Local US North Dakota
    None of the Above October Red Deer, Alberta, Canada Local US Society of Edmonton Atheists
    Freethought Day October Sacramento, CA, USA Local US Sacramento Coalition of Reason
    Atheist Alliance of America Annual Conference October Atlanta, GA National US Atheist Alliance of America
    Center for Inquiry Summit October International US Center for Inquiry, Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, Council for Secular Humanism. Skipped 2014?
    Australian Skeptics National Convention October Brisbane, Australia National Australia
    Florida Secular Rally October Local US Florida
    The Skeptics of Oz October Wichita, KS, USA Local US Kansas
    Freedom From Religion Foundation Convention October Madison, WI National US
    Skepsis Congres October  Zwolle, Netherlands International The Netherlands
    Free Flo November Orlando, FL, USA Local US Florida
    Youth of Ethical Societies (YES) Conference November  St. Louis, MO National US American Ethical Union
    International Freethought Film Festival November International US  Skipped
    FreeFlo November Orlando, FL Regional US Florida Humanist Association
    ComceptCon November November 21, 2015  Oporto, Portugal International Portugal
    International AA Convention November November 11-13, 2016 Austin, Texas National US 2016 We Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers International AA Convention
    Skepticon November Springfield, MO National US
    National Conference Skeptical (Hungary) November ┬áSz├®kesfeh├®rv├ír, Budai Hungary National Hungary
    Michigan Atheists Annual State Convention December Local US Michigan
    New Zealand Skeptics Conference November November 20-22, 2015 National New Zealand
    Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations (FIRA) National Conference December 2016 National India