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Nonbinary Identity in Oregon

In support of LGBTQ rights, Oregon has just legalized the new gender identity of nonbinary. This means that individuals in the state can now choose "neither" sex as an option. As a ruling, this case represents a landmark achievement for [...]

Trump: Why Do So Many People Like Him?

Can the Dunning-Kruger Effect explain why so many people love Donald Trump's rhetoric? As it turns out, very few people are actually aware of the cracks in their own expertise. Believing themselves to be the authority on virtually everything, when [...]

Do Higher Fees Make Good Schools Better?

SPI Fellow A.C. Grayling thinks so. In a recent article for The Guardian, Grayling supposes that innovation at the U.K.'s top schools will lead to further opportunities for greatness for the academies. Based off of the notion that incentivizing the [...]

Why Are World Religions Losing Their Members?

In this week's original content, we profile SPI Fellow Ian Morris as he and his team of researchers examine the dropping rates of participation in religion throughout the world, and the factors that may be causing it. Ian and his [...]

It Looks Like Nobody Wants The Donald After All

This week Russell Moore, the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission have decided to very publicly take down Republican contender Donald Trump. We think that the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S. -- and one of the most influential religious leaders [...]

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