Are you asking your local representatives to make a proclamation, such as resolution to support a National Day of Reason? Here’s a list of US state deadlines to get your request in by.

State How many weeks in advance? Link to Form/Instructions Notes
Alabama 30 days link
Alaska 4-6 weeks link
Arizona 6 weeks link
Arkansas 30 days link Organizations limited to 2 proclomation requests anually, proclomations should “not take sides in matters of political, ideological, or religious controversy, or individual convictions.”
California link Proclomations need to be endorsed by state agency.
Colorado 4 weeks link
Connecticut 4 weeks link
Delaware 2 weeks link
Florida 4-6 weeks link
Georgia 45 days link Proclamations must be printed out and mailed. Individual making request must demonstrate how they have been selected to represent group.
Hawaii 2-4 weeks link
Idaho 3 weeks link
Illinois 4 weeks link
Indiana 6-8 weeks link
Iowa 6 weeks link
Kansas 6-8 weeks link
Kentucky link
Louisiana 2 weeks link
Maine 45 days link
Maryland 8 weeks link
Massachusetts 20 days link
Michigan 4 weeks link
Minnesota 20 days link
Mississippi Not specified link Requests must be emailed to:
Missouri 3 weeks link
Montana link Call and inquire
Nebraska Not specified link
Nevada 30 days link
New Hampshire 2 weeks link
New Jersey Not specified link Scroll to and select “Request Proclamation” under Email Topic
New Mexico 4 weeks link
New York Not specified link Or call 1-518-474-8390 between 9am-5pm
North Carolina 4-6 weeks link
North Dakota 6-8 weeks link
Ohio 4 weeks link Scroll to “Requesting Proclamations”
Oklahoma Not specified link Proclamations are handled by the Oklahoma Secretary of State. No form available online, call (405) 522-4565 or email
Oregon 30 days link
Pennsylvania Not specified link Email Tom Wolf at
Rhode Island 45 days link
South Carolina 30 days link
South Dakota 3 weeks link
Tennessee 3 weeks link
Texas 3 weeks link Click ÔÇ£I need assistanceÔÇØ and select complete required fields. Under issue click ÔÇ£Ceremonial item request.ÔÇØ
Utah 6 weeks link
Vermont 4-6 weeks link
Virginia 45 days link
Washington 30 days link
West Virginia 30 days link
Wisconsin 4 weeks link
Wyoming 2 weeks link Email request to