Patrick LindenforsPatrik is an Associate Professor (Docent) at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Evolution and the Department of Zoology, Stockholm University. He serves on the board for the Swedish Humanist Association and the European Humanist Federation.

At the Centre for the Study of Cultural Evolution, LindenforsÔÇÖs explorations have mainly concerned the potential for applying methods from research in biological evolution to cultural evolution. His main empirical investigations have thus far been on the evolution of democracy and cultural competency, but he is now turning his attention to the evolution of religion.

In zoology, Patrik has focused his investigations on the evolution of sexual size dimorphism and primate brain evolution, using comparative analyses.

Lindenfors has authored two books. The first advocates a nonreligious worldview for teenagers and is entitled God Probably DoesnÔÇÖt Exist. The second, entitled Samarbete (or ÔÇ£CooperationÔÇØÔÇôcurrently only available in Swedish) concerns the biological and cultural evolution of cooperation. He also writes frequently about science and religion in the press and is the co-author of Secular Humanism.