Silvian IonescuDr. Silvian Ionescu has a┬áPh.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Lucian Blaga University and a Ph.D. in Management from the Academy of Economic Sciences in Bucharest. ┬áFor 15 years, he served as Chief of Service┬áfor the Romanian Ministry of the Interior’s┬áIntelligence Department. ┬áHe┬áwas the General Secretary for the Democratic National Salvation Front Party in the early 90s, and recently, he┬áserved as┬áPresident of the Democratic Liberal Party for the 3rd District of Bucharest.

Silvian┬áhas served twice as┬áSecretary of State and General Commissioner for the National Environmental Guard, and he now works┬áindependently as an Environmental Consultant. ┬áDr. Ionescu also invented POLIBEST,┬áa┬ácombination of two recycled materials–80% plastic and 20%┬áfibre cement–that results in a new, multi-purpose product, similar to any┬áplastic. ┬áThe asbestos typically found in the cement portion of the product has been┬áneutralized, making┬áthe material safely recyclable.