faith-based-initiative-report-coverDespite the existence of hundreds of thousands of secular non-profit organizations in the United States, and more that would be created by funding, American faith-based organizations (FBOs) receive $210 billion each year from federal and states sources to provide services with the assumption that they will not proselytize or discriminate. However, this assumption is na├»ve and misplaced. Asking churches not to act churchy just doesnÔÇÖt work. FBOs have every motivation to proselytize and discriminate, and do.

Beyond the unknown amount of proselytization and discrimination, FBOs are demonstrably ineffective and even harmful in providing services, because religions make religiously-based choices that serve their own interests and ignore science.

This original and comprehensive report by Johnny Monsarrat of the Secular Policy Institute may be the most exhaustive analysis of abuse ever collected about the Faith Based Initiative system.