Secular Policy Institute
World Future Forum
Washington, DC

World Future Forum

The Secular Policy Institute convenes some of the world’s most prestigious scholars and scientists to develop and disseminate compelling resources to influence the world’s decision makers. Open to policymakers and the public alike, this inaugural World Future Forum provides an unparalleled opportunity for an informed discussion of authoritative perspectives on the critical issues facing contemporary societies across the globe.

Panel Topics Under Current Consideration

  • Future of EarthÔÇÖs Climate
  • Future of Violence and Terrorism ÔÇô Michael Semple
  • Future of Religion
  • Future of Humanity
  • Future of Space Travel
  • Future of the Multiverse
  • Future of Space Exploration
  • Future of Morality
  • Future of World Security
  • Future of World Economies
  • Future of World Resources
  • Future of Life Expectancy
  • Future of Transportation
  • Future of World Health
  • Future of Technology

Speakers and Experts

Secular Policy Institute will present speakers who are distinguished scientists and scholars, and who are dedicated to policymaking informed by the most current, accurate information available. Through proactive education and ongoing collaboration, SPI Fellows and Experts offer leverage to their allies and lobby for political and societal change around the world.