Fellows: UK Sharia Courts? Sex for Xmas?

In this week's fellows report, SPI Fellow Marty Klein gives sex advice and Elham Manea is the official spokesperson for a jailed Saudi blogger. And if you're going to grad school, Greg Neimeyer can help.

Numbers: Why Countries Forbid Free Religion

What are the factors that make a country more or less free with regard to religion? LetÔÇÖs look at the results from the IHEU's Freedom of Thought Report 2015,

Interview: SPI Fellow Kevin Perrott on Solving “Humanity’s Biggest Problem”

Kevin Perrott is our newest Secular Policy Institute fellow, a leader in the movement to advance healthier and longer life. He is the founder and CEO of the Aging Research Network (AgeNet), and co-founder of SENS Research Foundation and LifeStar […]

Breathtaking IHEU Report Listed in SPI’s Giant Collection of Demographic Studies

The weekly secular report on government and policy
by Edwina Rogers

IHEU Freedom of Thought Report Added to SPI’s Giant Collection of Demographic Studies

The International Humanist and Ethical Union’s Freedom of Thought Report is wonderfully comprehensive, covering the freedom of atheists to […]

Numbers: How Many Scientists Are Nonreligious?

The weekly report on studies and demographics relating to religion and secularism

by Johnny Monsarrat

A banking executive who raced cars as a hobby once told me that sliding is the key. You’re almost never fully in control of a car as […]

Coalition Members that Perform Secular Weddings

The weekly report on the SPI Coalition

by Johnny Monsarrat

Are you looking to perform a secular wedding as the master of ceremonies, the officiant? Many secular organizations in the SPI Coalition allow you to become certified to perform marriages.

For example, coalition […]

What to Know About the Deadly ISIS vs. al-Qaeda Rivalry

A week after ISIS pulled off a bloody terrorist attack in Paris, a group affiliated with al-Qaeda kills 20 people in Mali

One was an American public health expert working on womenÔÇÖs health and HIV. Six were employees of a Russian […]

Numbers: Islamic State’s Budget

In our new and original report, the SPI World Future Guide 2016, SPI Fellow Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi scooped the world with the revelation of how Islamic State is funded and run.

According to exceptionally rare and unseen documents obtained and translated […]

Fellows: A Pilot and Dentist, and a Longevity Advocate

The weekly report on the SPI Fellows
by Johnny Monsarrat

Already the world’s largest secular think tank, the Secular Policy Institute welcomes three new members this week!

Advisory Board Member Douglas Kinney is a lifetime member of several secular organizations, and was married […]

Coalition: Secular Good Cheer During the Christian Season

The weekly report on the SPI Coalition
by Johnny Monsarrat

What are┬á┬áSPI┬áCoalition members doing during the holidays? It’s a time when┬áChristmas dominates our culture so heavily that non-believers and spiritual people who are not Christian can feel crowded out of the good cheer.

In […]

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