The SPI Coalition has 10 members in Australia, enjoying the warm “winter” weather down under. Here’s an introduction!

  • Imaginary Friends Show┬áis a podcast opposing┬áirrational, illogical and dangerous beliefs, frequently with guests.
  • Peninsula Atheists┬áis about to celebrate their 5th anniversary holding monthly meetup events south of Melbourne. A recent event suggested this discussion: let’s stop being negative about religion and talk about positives of nonbelief.
  • Rationalist Association of NSW┬áis more than a century old! Based in the Australian state of New South Wales, which includes Sydney, Canberra, and Newcastle, they run their own bookshop in Sydney and publish a┬ámagazine, The New Liberator.
  • Token Skeptic┬áis a podcast best listened to with Corn Flakes cereal. Popular episodes have been about “wild sex” and “the unholy trinity downunder”.