belief-in-evolutionPublic schools must teach science, not religion, in science classes. Laws banning teaching evolution are unconstitutional. ÔÇ£Balanced TreatmentÔÇØ laws that require teachers to give ÔÇ£creation scienceÔÇØ or ÔÇ£Intelligent DesignÔÇØ equal classroom time to evolution are equally unconstitutional.

Because of consistent federal court defeats, creationists no longer approach policymakers using ÔÇ£creation scienceÔÇØ terminology, but Biblical teaching must stay out of our public school science classrooms however it may be rebranded. If government-funded schools teach creationism, the government appears to endorse Bible-based religion, trampling on the principles of separation of religion and government.

The controversy of the teaching of evolution is a political one, not a scientific one. Evolution is a sound and basic scientific principle that belongs in every stateÔÇÖs science curriculum and textbooks.

POLICY RECOMMENDATION: Public schools and schools funded with taxpayer money should teach the scientifically undisputed principle of evolution.