unnamed (3)Douglas Kinney, D.M.D. is a lifetime member of a dozen secular groups including FFRF, JREF, AAI, CFI, and AHA, and was even married at the Center for Inquiry, Amherst, New York in 2002 to Lyliane Van Gijseghem.  Dr. Kurtz officiated and he and Dr. Joe Nickell were witnesses.
A retired US Army Major and former Commander in the US Coast Guard.┬á KinneyÔÇÖs c.v. includes being a document courier with top secret clearance, air traffic controller, pilot. As a dentist he has worked for the military, a state prison, and in private practice for 30 years until retiring in 2007.
He attended the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, the University of Maine, and the Tufts School of Dental Medicine. He is a former jump pilot and honorary member of the Pelican Skydiving Club and the Professional Association of SCUBA Diving Instructors.
He now lives in Belgium as a dual US-Belgian citizen, retaining a place in upstate New York, which he visits frequently.