michael_semple_secular_policyMichael Semple has practiced and written on humanitarian assistance and conflict resolution in Afghanistan and Pakistan. During the period 1988 to 2008 he worked in the region for international NGOs, the United Nations and the European Union. He was a member of the United Nations political team which helped implement the 2001 Bonn Accords and served as Deputy to the European Union Special Representative for Afghanistan from 2004 to 2008. Since 2008 he has worked as a scholar and adviser on conflict resolution, with particular focus on the Afghan conflict. During 2009-2013 Michael was Senior Research Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard Kennedy School. He has participated in the United States Institute for Peace Afghanistan Pakistan Senior Advisory Group. He has directly advised key policy makers concerning the conflict in Afghanistan, particularly with regards to political engagement with the Taliban. Michael is a recognised analyst of the Afghan Taliban Movement. He is currently researching the evolving rhetoric of the TalibanÔÇÖs armed struggle and the challenges facing militant jihadi groups evolving towards a political role.

Selected Publications:

Books and chapters

  • ÔÇ£Challenges in the Afghan peace process, insights from Irish experienceÔÇØ, in The US-Taliban dialogue: Future Directions, edited by Dr. Muhammad Alahmari and Abdulaziz Alhies, Forum for Arab and International Relations, Doha, 2013
  • ÔÇ£Afghanistan and the war on terrorÔÇØ,  in Assessing the War on Terror, edited by M. Ayoob, Michigan State University, 2013
  • ÔÇ£Breach of Trust – the aftermath of PakistanÔÇÖs 2010 floodsÔÇØ, Pattan, Islamabad, 2011
  • ÔÇ£Reconciliation in AfghanistanÔÇØ, United States Institute of Peace, 2009
  • Book chapter complete & awaiting publication: ÔÇ£Peace dialogue, the Afghanistan case 2001-2014ÔÇ│ (in volume ÔÇ£Dialogue and conflictsÔÇØ)