• Overview

    discriminationDiscrimination takes many forms. The targets of discrimination are as diverse as the motivations behind it. A secular approach to discrimination reflects the duality of the religious clauses of the First Amendment. Discrimination is improper when it targets an individual for his or her religion or belief, or lack thereof, similar to the Free Exercise clause. It is also improper to exempt religiously motivated actions from an otherwise valid anti-discrimination statute by using government protection to endorse particular a religious belief.

    History shows at times only force of law can outweigh popular prejudices. American society has made vast improvements in the past 50 years concerning discrimination. More and more Americans are choosing not to hide identities that may target them for abuse and ridicule. As we conquer new grounds of acceptance, different conflicts emerge when rights conflict. Namely, that operating in the public square requires compliance with all public laws and religion is only a valid justification for discrimination in the most limited of contexts.

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