trump-iowaCan the Dunning-Kruger Effect explain why so many people love Donald Trump’s rhetoric?

As it turns out, very few people are actually aware of the cracks in their own expertise. Believing themselves to be the authority on virtually everything, when any new information is received, they instantly attach their own meaning to the new so-called “facts”.

In the case of Trump, whenever he gives political soundbites to individuals without educational backgrounds, those individuals receive that information as fact itself, simply because it has come from someone who represents “authority”.

Donald Trump, to a person struggling to make ends meet, represents authority, because he has made a great deal of money. He represents the type of person that most of his supporters would like to one day be. To this end, it is in their best interest to support him and swallow his information part and parcel. However, if their perspectives were broadened through education and other worldly experience, they may have a very different view on what represents their best interest.

All of this and more can be found in this recent article. Enjoy, and think better about the elections!