The weekly report on the SPI Coalition
by Julie Esris

SPI Coalition member Uganda Humanist Schools Trust (UHST) is always striving to create secular and maintain secular schools, an uncommon commodity in Uganda. UHST and another group, Humanist Schools in Uganda, have just been awarded a grant of 6,500 Euros! This generous grant will surely be helpful in nurturing a new generation of Ugandan humanists. Find out exactly what UHST will do with the money! inhsscience

Are vaccines dangerous? Does chemotherapy make cancer patients sicker? After all, “big pharma” profits off of these treatments.┬áSPI Coalition member┬áCenter for Inquiry recently hosted Yvette “The Science Babe” d’Entremont, who answers these questions. This exciting presentation, now available on YouTube, will leave you a better critical thinker and BS detector!

What if God actually┬ádoes exist and you encounter him after you die? Would you believe in him? What if you actually did go to hell for not believing in God? “Vinodnarayan”, of SPI Coalition member┬áThe Atheist Community of San Jose, provides insightful answers to┬áthese questions in a recent blog post.┬áhell

Many people who join SPI Coalition member┬áEx-Muslims of North America have heartbreaking stories to tell about the consequences of coming out as atheists to their Muslim families.┬áFor that reason one ex-Muslim decided┬ánot to come out to his family– and this is the anonymous, open letter that he wishes he could send to his mother on Mother’s Day.

Speaking of breaking away from religion, are you an ex-frum Jew who is looking for community online? If so, SPI Coalition member Off the Derech is for you. Join their Facebook page and meet others enjoying their new, godless lives.

SPI Coalition member┬áOmaha Metro Area Humanist Association is hosting a Heartland Humanist Conference in Omaha, Nebraska in August. This year’s theme will be The Life of an Atheist. Check out Heartland Humanist’s┬áwebsite for more information, and don’t forget to register!

Are you a freethinker? Are you a filmmaker? If so, then enter your film in the International Freethought Film Festival. This SPI Coalition member is now calling for submissions until the end of October!

Trolls are annoying, aren’t they? But not if they’re┬áTrolling with Logic. In the latest episode, SPI Coalition member┬áAtheist Ireland‘s chair, Michael Nugent, appears as a guest to discuss the battle for marriage equality in Ireland.

SPI Coalition member┬áFilipino Freethinkers has just released a new podcast! In this episode, the hosts discuss “ideal” body types, the evolving standards of beauty, the fact that women are held to more extreme standards for ideal body weight, and more.new_logo_high_res