trump-iowaThis week Russell Moore,┬áthe Southern Baptist Convention,┬áand the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission have decided to┬ávery publicly┬átake down Republican contender Donald Trump. We think that the┬álargest Protestant denomination in the U.S. — and one of the most influential religious leaders among conservative Protestants — have the power to stop him.┬áAccording to the American Values Atlas, 15 percent of Americans identify as Baptist, with sizable proportions in Mississippi, where they make up half (50 percent) of the population, as well as Alabama (42 percent) and Arkansas (37 percent). Combine that with the growing number of secular leaders in America, and it all boils down to a recipe for disaster for Mr. Trump.

Trump’s recent rise to the forefront, while remarkable, just doesn’t change the polling data or the numbers. Even if the Donald makes the Republican nomination (and there is still no guarantee that he will, or that he can even raise enough money to effectively run a presidential campaign) in every single poll he is projected to lose to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Whether or not you’re “Feeling the Bern” or “With Her”, one thing is for certain: this country is headed for at least four more years of untold prosperity. Get ready for it, and start relaxing now!