The Weekly SPI Fellows Update
by Julie Esris

Combating militant Islamism is a very important concern, but non-violent Islamism shouldn’t be ignored either, argues Yemeni-Swiss political scientist, writer, human rights activist, and SPI Fellow Elham Manea. Find out why in this interesting article she wrote for Europe’s World.PD DR Elham Manea

What if someone invented an app that could help people have civil discussions with others about gods, religion, and the supernatural? It turns out that philosopher and SPI Fellow, Peter Boghossian is developing an app, Atheos, which does just that! Learn more about this exciting app and find out how to stay up to date with its development.

Religion is harmless, if not wonderful, if it provides people with purpose and a sense of comfort, right? Not so, says author, filmmaker, and SPI Fellow Jeremiah Camara. In this short video, Camara argues against religion, citing the negative effects it can have on morality, intelligence, and imagination. jeremiah-camara

Like many secularists, lawyer, philosopher, and SPI Fellow Ron Lindsay is opposed to the death penalty, even for convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. But the alternative isn’t any better. Find out why in Lindsay’s Huffington Post article.

British journalist Samira Ahmed has a few questions about atheism. So whom does she ask? Evolutionary biologist, famous atheist, and SPI Fellow Richard Dawkins, of course! In this fascinating interview, Dawkins discusses the acceptance of atheists, the question of how atheists should define themselves, how to discuss religion with religious people, and more!