The weekly report on the SPI Coalition
by Julie Esris

Do you live in Australia? If so, SPI Coalition member Sydney Atheists needs your help. A religious parent group in Victoria has successfully pressured the NSW Education department to remove books that support premarital sex, same-sex relationships, and abortion. Find out what you can do to help.Sydney Atheists Banner Have you escaped

Are you an ex-Muslim who is looking for an online community of fellow apostates? If so, check out SPI Coalition member┬áCouncil of Ex-Muslims‘s online forum for exciting discussions, games, news, and more!

An atheist group┬áin an Islamic country?┬áYes, it’s true! SPI Coalition member┬áAtheist Alliance International has just welcomed its latest affiliate group. Learn more, including what country this group is from.

Praise Bacon! You can now show your love of Bacon by purchasing T-shirts, mugs, smartphone cases and more from the store of SPI Coalition member, United Church of Bacon!prasie-bacon-preview

SPI Coalition member┬áAtheist┬áCommunity┬áof San Jose┬áloves making videos! This past October, they hosted Matt Dillahunty of┬áThe Atheist Experience┬áand posted a video of the event. But technology changes quickly, and Atheist Community of San Jose needs help raising money to purchase higher-quality video equipment. Donate if you would like to see more– and better– videos from Atheist Community of San Jose.

In the meantime, are you looking for some new humanist-themed videos to watch? Check out the YouTube channel of SPI Coalition member Dorset Humanists! The videos include discussions that cover important topics such as climate change, the importance of secularism, whether or not atheist groups and faith groups can work together, and more.

SPI Coalition member┬áCentral Florida Freethought Community┬ádoes it again, this time helping the Freedom From Religion Foundation score a victory in Florida’s Orange County school district. What did they do? Hint: They reminded the district that an open forum should truly be an open forum, or that it should be completely closed.

It’s difficult enough when you need a loan, but what if you need a loan while living in the developing world? See what SPI Coalition member,┬áAtheist Ireland, is doing to help!

Do you live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area? If so, then SPI Coalition member Atheists of Utah needs your help! In early June, they will have their own booth at the Utah Pride Festival. Find out about how you can help and volunteer!utah

How humanist are you? asks SPI Coalition member, British Humanist Association. Take this fun quiz to see if you are a humanist.┬áYou might be surprised by your results. In fact, many people are humanists and don’t even know it!