Weekly SPI Fellows Report

by Deanna Cantrell


Aramaic Text Which language is going the way of Latin, Sanskrit, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics?┬á SPI Fellow John McWhorter answers this question and explores why a language that once was “the English of its time” is now headed for extinction in his new article seen in The Atlantic, Where Do Languages Go to Die?┬á Hint: The language was used in a much overrated 2004 movie by Mel Gibson.


Lebanon is in the midst of a refugee crisis?┬á SPI Fellow Patrik Lindenfors reports on the state of things on his blog, Refugees Crisis: Humanists call for a strong and humane EU response.┬á Here’s to forward thinking, what is said about religion and government may surprise you.


What stinks in Lebanon?┬á Is it postponed elections?┬á Collapsing water systems?┬á No, those are problems too, though.┬á SPI Fellow Amatzia Baram gives his report on the state of Lebanon in his article Lebanon’s fragile balance holds amid political paralysis.

Syrian Refugee Peace Sign

                 Three Syrian Refugee Children


There is an old saying, you cannot judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.┬á In SPI Fellow A. C. Grayling’s, The irony of migrancy, he challenges the reader to do just that.┬á To put themselves in the place of a migrant and then it goes further in this thought provoking article.