Policy: Is Religious “Freedom” a Get Out of Jail Ticket?

The weekly report on religion and politics

Recording of the SPI International Call — January 7, 2016

About the International Coalition Calls
Every first Thursday of the month, the Secular Policy Institute holds an international coordinating call for its 300 members to discuss the future of the secular movement.
Call for January 7, 2016
Here’s the latest recording of the […]

Numbers: Why Politicians Emphasize Religion

US presidential candidate Marco Rubio was taking questions from an audience this week when an atheist asked him about his faith. He responded, “No oneÔÇÖs going to force you to believe in God. But no oneÔÇÖs going to force me […]

Kenya: Why the State Must Stay Away From Religion

When the Kenyan government late last year expressed its intention to begin regulating religious practices in order to weed out “fraudulent” preachers and groups, we warned in this column that this constituted a very slippery slope.

It was obvious to any […]

Coalition: Secular Schools Around the World

The weekly report on the SPI Coalition members.

SPI Fellows Who Run Organizations: Kurdistan and Florida

Too many of the SPI Fellows to list have founded or take an executive role in an intellectual or political organization. Here are two, with more to be featured in future articles!

Dr. Salih (left) doing field work
SPI Fellow Sarbagh Salih is┬áthe founder […]

Policy: SPI Advocates the Environment to the US Congress

The weekly report on government and secularism
by Edwina Rogers
SPI World Future Guide Advocates for the Environment
This week the Secular Policy Institute sent the SPI World Future Guide 2016 to all staff of the US Congress, with a focus on the […]

The Millennial Generation: Leading The Secular Way

It is now widely understood that global religiosity is declining. But which demographic is driving this demonstrable decay, and which factors are contributing to it? A recent Pew Research study demonstrated the momentous impact the millennial generation (those born from […]

The Taboo Of Atheism In Egypt

When I started writing this article, one idea dominated my thoughts: ÔÇ£I donÔÇÖt want to be sent to prison.ÔÇØ Then I thought, religious tolerance doesnÔÇÖt punish reporting about the taboo of atheism in the Egyptian society. Acknowledging the rights of […]

Coalition: A Variety of Secular Opportunities

The┬áSPI coalition is the world’s largest association of secular groups, and comes with the variety that you might expect! This week’s groups are centered around a country, a minority group, and a famous thinker. Explore and see what inspires you […]

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