Saudi Arabia: The Violent Combination of Religious Extremism and Shari’ah Law

Despite its reputation, Islam does not necessitate violence in many of its countries. In some, however, the combination of religious doctrine, totalitarian regimes, and inefficient public policies result in a public display of violence that smears the reputation of all […]

Coalition: Movies of the SPI Coalition

The weekly report on the SPI coalition
by Johnny Monsarrat

In this week’s policy report, we noted that practically no young Icelanders believe in creationism according to a new poll. SPI coalition member Sidmennt, The Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association, commissioned the study, […]

Policy: Cursed for Giving Birth to Twins

The weekly report on politics and secularism
by Johnny Monsarrat
Creationism Slips in Iceland… to Zero
In 1996,┬á87% of┬áIcelanders were religious, but a recent Gallup poll┬áfound only 46% to be religious. More surprisingly, while 40% of young Icelanders say they are religious, 0% believed […]

Numbers: Is Bigotry Towards Muslims and Atheists Similar?

The weekly report on the demographics of secularism
by Jordan Auburn

In the US presidential elections, as the Iowa caucus approaches, Donald Trump continues to cause a stir. On Monday 25th Jan, he even claimed he could shoot somebody and not lose […]

Fellows: Critical Thinking in War and Business

The weekly report on the SPI fellows
by Johnny Monsarrat

Several of the SPI fellows specialize in foreign affairs relating to security and warfare. This week we highlight one from Syria and one from Germany.

SPI Fellow Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi┬áis a┬áleading world expert […]

Feminism vs. Faith

With her partly shaved pate and theatrical eye shadow, BoliviaÔÇÖs most prominent feminist stands out in a crowd. Mujeres Creando (Women Creating), the group she founded in 1992, has been daubing walls with graffiti, staging performances and engaging in acts […]

Policy: Is Religious “Freedom” a Get Out of Jail Ticket?

The weekly report on religion and politics

Recording of the SPI International Call — January 7, 2016

About the International Coalition Calls
Every first Thursday of the month, the Secular Policy Institute holds an international coordinating call for its 300 members to discuss the future of the secular movement.
Call for January 7, 2016
Here’s the latest recording of the […]

Numbers: Why Politicians Emphasize Religion

US presidential candidate Marco Rubio was taking questions from an audience this week when an atheist asked him about his faith. He responded, “No oneÔÇÖs going to force you to believe in God. But no oneÔÇÖs going to force me […]

Kenya: Why the State Must Stay Away From Religion

When the Kenyan government late last year expressed its intention to begin regulating religious practices in order to weed out “fraudulent” preachers and groups, we warned in this column that this constituted a very slippery slope.

It was obvious to any […]

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